Happy Aloha Friday!

Happy April my fellow readers! Reminder: I haven't forgotten about you haha, anyways, I'm here to send you positive vibes for a wonderful weekend ahead and wishing you all an awesome Aloha Friday!     Aloha, Mekeke


Happy Spring Break!🌴🌼🌊

Reporting live to you from the Beach! Haha, I always wanted to do that! Im currently on Spring Break, so of course the beach is my destination to distress all these school deadines and take care more of myself. Spring break is a perfect time to relax and unwind, so take all the rest you… Continue reading Happy Spring Break!🌴🌼🌊


Laguna Beach🌊

Laguna Beach is among the prettiest cities located in Orange County, California. Laguna Beach is known for the many art galleries, gardens, and beaches. Laguna Beach was one of my favorite beaches I visited very often when I lived in California. I enjoyed driving around the coastline with my windows down, witnessing the blue skies and sophisticated… Continue reading Laguna Beach🌊

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January Favorites: TV Show Reviews

Happy February! It's officially the end of Chapter 1 of 2018 (aka) January, and I wanted to share a few of my favorite TV shows I've been watching lately and decided to write a few reviews about them. I've been wanting to write a post about show reviews, but I always hold back to the thought,… Continue reading January Favorites: TV Show Reviews


Quote of the week, Jan. 29th- Feb. 2nd, 2018

Happy Monday! It's officially the last week of January and I hope my weekly quotes have inspired you in some way just like I get inspire by inspirational quotes myself. Continue to rich high in your goals and keep in mind that every month is a fresh start to keep going strong! I also want to… Continue reading Quote of the week, Jan. 29th- Feb. 2nd, 2018