Nature: Rain

Rain can be cold, can be somehow warm, but no matter the rain, it gives us life. The sound of rain drops falling on the roof, sleeping with the sound of the rain makes sleep relaxing like a free melody playing in the background. 

Rain gives life to the plants, watering from the roaring sky above. Rain is an essential part of our lives. Shielding ourselves with umbrellas, rain coats, or just love the feeling of getting wet and experience rain drops falling on the tip of the nose feeling alive. Rain washes away unwanted pain and negativity, it somehow cleans our minds to think clear, clear and transparent like the rain.

Rain makes living tropical, with palm trees swinging side to side with the rhythm of the wind. The ocean raging with fear; waves louder than ever.The smell of the earth after rain is one of the best smells of nature.

I love the rain because it makes me know Im closer to the sea and know that nature is giving us heavenly water. 🌊

Rain or shine, we’re meant to smile and dance in the rain! After rain comes the rainbow.🌈

“Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.”



A Writer’s Notebook 

A notebook that holds words of despair, words of gratefulness, happiness, hopes, dreams, goals. A notebook that holds secrets of internity life, word after word yet not spoken, but written. A momentum to think and write at the moment of when the mind is open for opportunities and desire to cover the pages with letters.
A notebook, big or small, permits us to express our thinking in words instead of speaking it. There’s no rush, but time and calmness to write with the beat of the ocean wave. No matter the distance or location, a simple notebook will follow the owner with anticipation.

In the end, write with avidity!

One thing I will always do!🌻

Does it have to be one thing? If that’s the case the one thing I will always do is, Be Happy!

What’s the point of living life if it’s not taking by granted, every breath we take, with every step in our bodies is a sign that we’re alive and take life to the fullest. I appreciate everyday as a new day to be happy and positive. I believe being in a positive mood is contagious, so why not spread love and not hate. It’s an intense joy and full of abundance I feel being consent and nothing will cross beyond that border. SO, happy it is!

What will you choose?

A Positive mind is a Happy mind!



My 1 Year Blogging Experience💻

 I’m feeling buoyant and excited as writing this post because today marks my One Year of blogging! On this day on 2016 I published my first post, How To Deal With Homesickness on WordPress and from there I continually started blogging. Now let’s go back a few years, I always wanted to have my own blog for many reasons, to call myself a so cal “Blogger”, to share my writing with people on the internet, but most importantly I love the art of writing, I would write during breaks, recess in elementary school, and till the date I grew profoundly passionate with words. First, I had no idea how all the blogging madness gets to have a name nor how you work the site, in 2012 was when I discovered Blogger in google, the excitement of finally having a place in my own on the internet fascinated me, I wanted to write and write, but there was a point where I had no idea where to start or what I wanted to write about. I spend hours and hours designing my blog to look nice and cool like other bloggers, but I ended up not liking the process, the process of coming up with a name for the blog, the theme, what to write about, who to write about. All this just overwhelmed me, so I figured to leave the anxiety away, and just write, that’s all I wanted to do. I named my blog “Mekeke’s Sky”.

Here’s my first blog post I wrote:

Friday, October 19, 2012

“Hello, as you can tell by the title this is my 1st blog post ever. I seen blogs about everything you can thing of, there’s blogs about sports, fashion, arts, even the craziest theme you can think of. I decided hey, why not start my own blog and write about my interesting topics, so here I’m writing my first blog and so happy and excited to what’s coming in my newest blog.  Aloha”.

Sometimes I look back at this, and wonder how did I write this? The craziest theme you can think of?? I was young, I sometimes laugh at my own writing. It’s good to make mistakes and learn from them. From there I wrote another post on the same day:

 I want to start off with Happy half October everyone!

 “It’s my favorite time of the month especially because my birthday’s around the corner,Yikes! Fall is here and I’m so so excited, it’s my favorite season of the year. Fall has so many things I love, first off the cold weather and rainy days, wearing my favorite scarves and sweaters and boots… I could go on and on about it! So enjoy your Fall while it last”.

Again, my writing wasn’t great, I still needed improvements in grammar and sentence structure. I stopped completely after that, and never came back to this site. It was my first blog page, therefore it’s dearest to my heart. A lot of things happened around those years, I graduated High School, took some time off before going to a community college. I lost sidetrack of my writing world online, and rather wrote on journals instead. Fast forward to 2015, was when I finally decided to launch my official blog on the Internet & leave my laziness and wasting time behind, and that’s when I came across WordPress, I felt that WordPress was an easier site then Blogger, and I went ahead and started planning out my ideas, how my theme would look like and make it stand out. My motivation was thrilling, and I was excited to be back writing online again! I was feeling happy and excited with all these new designs and ways to moderate my blog in my own way, I ended up naming my blog ‘Mekekewrites’, ‘Mekeke’ for my name and ‘Writes’ because it’s me as a Writer and transferring words from paper to an online document.

My first blog post ever in WordPress was on November 12th, 2015. It was my Fall 2015 Tag. I was sharing a few of my favorite things I love about Fall and thought it would be fun to share some things about me, so readers can know a little about me.

On this day was when I officially started blogging continually for a year! On January 25th, 2016, I wrote a post about How To Deal With HomesicknessI wanted to write something that I can share with fellow college students that were going through the same phase I was, going away from college. I wanted to write things that we can all relate to & help each other out in ways that can lead to a safe environment.

My one year blogging experience, has been a fun heck of a ride. I noticed that my writing has improve so much and I continue learning and boost confidence in my own writing. I learned to be myself, the best way to be successful and being confident for who you are as a person. This is my space to continue my art of writing, and hopefully inspire you through my words. A place to be yourself, a place to make friendships which I had made though my journey in blogging, and that’s been amazing. I’m so grateful for all you readers and for making this a fun journey!

THANK YOU for supporting my 1 year of blogging, for Liking, Commenting, Following, and Reading my content, it means a lot to me!! I hope to keep blogging for you guys and continue making better content for 2017 and keep aspiring and motivating readers word by word.

There’s always room for improvements!



Where I Go to Get Inspired To Write

Hello all, Happy 2017! It’s been so long since I last posted, but here I’am back with the blogging game. I hope you are accomplishing your goals so far, if not don’t give up you still have a long way to go. I want to start the new year bringing you a somewhat interesting post about writing, that’s right, writing! If you are a writer yourself or thinking of taking the writers route, I think this post might help a bit. I want to share two places where I go to get the inspiration flowing to write those words down. 

Let’s get started, shall we?

Today, there’s so many places or things where you get the ‘aha’ moment, let’s say when inspiration hits you. It’s a great feeling when you feel motivated and have that feeling in your stomach when you’re amused about something and all you want to do is live that moment of feeling inspired and let your creativeness flow.

Let’s name a few places where one might get that accelerating feeling to write.

*Coffee Shop:

The coffee shop is a place for coffee lovers, it’s a safe haven for those winter days, the aroma of the warm, welcoming smell of coffee that pulls you right in, I’m not a coffee person myself, but a nice, quite, place but sometimes noisy, is a place to get your mind settled to get those words going around your mind. Observing my surroundings, the people, what they are drinking, the nice mellow music playing in the background, friends and family reunions. I imagine what these people are talking about and images start to accumulate in my mind, need character inspiration, there you go!

Pro Tip #1: Use the 5 senses. Touch, Smell, Hear, Sight, Taste.

That’s correct, using your five senses might be a lot of help to get inspiration for writing.

It’s one of the places I head to get in the zone of writing, and not worrying about time. So grab yourself a coffee or tea, put on some headphones, grab your magic pen & notebook, or type as you please. Now, it doesn’t have to be a coffee shop, it can be a place where you desire to be and feel the most comfortable. I can say we can get inspiration in the most bizarre strangest places, I’m just saying! Haha.


*The Beach:

I have an obsession with the beach, it’s my truest deepest favorite spots to write. It’s something about the sea that just relaxes me & clears my mind to think better and get the juices flowing. Inspiration hits as soon as I sit down on the sand and hear the sound of the waves crashing to shore, while sipping a Piña Colada. Yes, living the life! Think about the many stories you can come up with just a single object, a palm tree, the coconut laying on the floor, or someone doing a sand castle for instance. 

Pro Tip #2: Choose one object you can find at the beach or any place you like, then start writing a sentence about that object, then go on and write a paragraph about it, see how far you can go. You’ll have a story in no time. Good idea, right? Try it!

I get a lot of writing done, especially when I’m writing something that relates to the ocean, it’s truly a place for creativity to grow. It’s the place I can fully rely on when I want to get inspired, and write away.

Do you have any favorite place to get inspiration? I want to hear it.

Check out my recent post on How Do I come up with Story Ideas? here! I share with you 5 places to come up with story ideas.





Be Content For Who You Are

12:00 AM

I’m staring into space, where I can only see the light coming in between my curtains from the balcony, here I’am pitch black and my mind circulating with ideas and thoughts. Physically I’m tired, but mentally wide awake. So, what did I do to put myself into sleep, I scrolled onto Twitter. Now, I keep my tweets minimum, I tweet motivational quotes, as well as interact with my followers. I like to motivate my followers with inspirational sayings, such as “Life is about taking chances, and live to the fullest”, you get an idea!

I don’t know why I have the strangest thoughts late at night, but I decided to tweet something like “Why do we run away from our problems?” “Why can’t we just face our fears and move along?” and “Life’s too short to second guess yourself”.  Now, why am I thinking about this in the middle of the night. Why are we more aware of our surroundings in the middle of the night. It’s kind of engrossing, don’t you think!

I don’t know where I’m going with this, and I don’t have an exact answer for that. In other words, as I mentioned above from my late night tweet, Why is it that we run away from our problems, instead of vanquishing it. Our lives are surrounded with negativity, we judge in daily basis, even if we’re not aware of it. It’s kind of mean to think that judging and being biased exist. On the contrary, we have to always find the positive to this nonsense. We face problems daily, either at work, or at school. We over stress for things that don’t even matter, but we’re so used to, that we put our focus on negativity, why is that? I have learned so many life lessons taught by my father. He taught me to love yourself before you can love somebody else, he also taught me don’t waste your time surrounding yourself with a mindset that won’t get you anywhere. That is not all, I have so much knowledge now in life, that I intake it with me, and not forget why I’m here. 

I feel like I’m mumbling or I’m not making sense at all, but we can’t ignore what is bothering us, instead swallow that out, and have word to word with someone who you think can help you in all aspects of your problems, just know that you’re not alone in this. 

My blog is all about positivity, happiness, and colorfulness. I want my readers to feel welcome and find inspiration, and joy reading my posts. I aspire to bring people together in every post I publish. I don’t accept any negativity, whatsoever.

Be content for what you have, regardless, what you’re going through, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Be content for who you are, not what anyone wants you to be. Be unique, be YOU!

Wishing you Peace & Happiness! 



Writing Schedule of a College Student

Happy Last Saturday of October!

I wanted to write this post for a while now, but I had the tension to put that aside, along with other things. Moreover, here I ‘am writing this post about how I handle my writing schedule while being a college student. Now, ever since I started the Fall Semester, my schedule has been hectic, and when I mean ‘hectic’ it has been crazy! First of all my writing schedule during the summer has been all about writing words, and more words, it has been very intriguing to have the time to just sit down and write your life away. It has been a fun time to utilize my time wisely and manage to finish short stories I haven’t completed since way back. With school in session, and having back to back classes it has been difficult to do creative writing.

This semester I have had about 10 papers in total for all my classes, and so far I written about six papers out of 10, and I still have four to go. Yikes! I know. Writing papers has taking over my social life apparently, including studying for midterms and working on homework from morning to late nights. *Sighs*

I hardly find time to write non school related papers, and always try to fit into my creative writing in my schedule. Fun Fact: I actually enjoy writing school papers, but not as much as I enjoy writing my own stories. Feeling kind of distressed for so many school work,  stress is at a high level right now,I hardly prepare myself home meals, and  watch T.V. College is a serious business, it’s no joke! It may take most of your social life, but at the end, all the late night studying will soon be paid off. 

How do I handle my writing schedule being at school

I always have an agenda that helps me to stay in track and focused. A planner is a college student’s best friend. Staying and maintaining organized is a road to take, I know what is due and what is not, I never miss a homework assignment because I stay in track. In other words, my school schedule is intact. When it comes to creative writing, I try not to miss a day of writing a sentence or even a paragraph of my novel, I keep a notebook that dedicates all the attention to the story I’m writing, I jot down any ideas on paper, or when inspiration strikes from hearing a song, I always write that one idea down so I won’t forget later. I don’t write stories as often as I used too in the summer, but being able to come up with ideas and write at least 15 minutes a day is a big difference than not writing at all. As for my blog, I schedule my blog posts before hand, when I have time to spare I go back to my post and edit them. If I’m writing this post, it’s because I have the time to do so.

Anyway, this year I want to participate in my first ever NaNoWriMo for 2016, but I keep plunging myself down that I won’t be able to have the time to write a 50,000 word novel. I have started writing a novel back in April, you can read more about it here: Update: Writing A YA Novel. I would like to keep writing this story, because I felt in love with all my characters and the story itself, It’ll be nice to be able to finish this novel by the end of November, but let’s see what happens. 

That being said, being a college student takes a lot of patience, yet, rewarding! You just have to find time for yourself and do things with kindness and with patience. Time Management is key! 

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Family Photographs

Sometimes words aren’t enough to explain why I love family photographs. Have you heard that familiar verse,“A picture is worth a thousand words” yup, that’s right. A family photo is more than just a photo, it’s more like a memory that will always be in everyone’s life. A photo says more than words that can’t be describe, especially when it’s a photo with a loved one. Family photos can convey emotions, feelings, and memories. Memories will always be part of our lives, good or bad, but we can always leave the bad behind, and concentrate on the good. Now, there’s photographs of families who aren’t perfect. First of all, you’re not perfect, I’m not perfect, no one’s perfect. If you know of a perfect family, please let me know? I want to meet them. 
I frequently come across childhood photos of me and my siblings through our dusty old albums which are hidden in the closet or in the basement, anyways, it always evokes me with nostalgia. The memories I created with my family are never forgotten, and that special moment comes to mind like it was just yesterday, remembering how cute your siblings were when they were a child, or how happy the people on the photograph are, and then you come across a photo of you, and sometimes think to yourself, “Whoa, did I look like that?” or “Is that how I dressed before?” it goes on and on, funny, huh? It’s great to indulge in reminiscence and laugh once in a while.  
You may cry, laugh, and sometimes feel melancholy towards a photo, because it brings back long lost memories that maybe you have forgotten. For some reason, you went back to them and recall those moments that you thought were lost. Lost, but not forgotten. 
 It’s how we value as a family the most. It’s not just a picture that we’re showing happiness and excitement, but it’s in the person that shows us who we are, we transport it through photographs. Moreover, a picture with a loved one is more than a memory, it’s something to reflect back on those moments and live those days forever. 
What do you cherish most in life?
Til Next time!